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By downloading and installing Truss Physics package you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Truss Physics is free for evaluation, learning and non-profitable projects.
  2. Any non-profitable product using Truss Physics requires clearly readable Truss Physics logo on splash screen or credits screen.
  3. Any commercial product using Truss Physics requires the Truss Physics commercial license (though the logo is also welcome).
  4. Redistribution as anything except a final product (e.g. asset, library, engine, middleware etc.) is not allowed.
  5. These conditions may change in the future, but the changes will not be retroactive.

Beta version notice:
Truss Physics is currently in beta, that means that the final product quality is not yet achieved - the documentation is sparse, some important features are missing, some parameters configurations can make the simulation unstable which can freeze or even crash Unity. The author can not be responsible for any damage (like loss of unsaved data) caused by this issues. Use on your own risk and save often :) The most critical flaws will be fixed with the highest priority possible.

Use links above to download Truss Physics package, get commercial license, report an issue or make contribution.

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